SOUTH LONDON HUB temporarily closed due to COVID-19 crisis

The Nature Garden, Bessemer Grange Primary School
Dylways, London, SE5 8HP

Every Thursday term time only, at 3.30pm

Scroll down to see what you need to set up a hub and start hosting Explore and Play


Here are some general guidelines to help you set up a hub and host Explore and Play:

01. Green Space

Hubs should be green spaces. The closer they can be to a school, the better. Try to identify green spaces by taking a walk in a radius of 10 minutes walk from the school. Find out who manages the space and ask permission to host the session specifying that it is free of charge with the only goal to meet as a social group. Get in touch if you need more support.

02. Cadence

Once you have identified a space, find out a day of the week that suits you best. We suggest meeting weekly. This cadence will ensure you and your group commit to spending a minimum weekly time outdoor.

Explore and Play has been created with children attending school in mind, therefore the best time to meet is right after school.

03. Invitation

You need to invite children and their carers to join the session. You can use any communication channel that suits you. It can be a social platform (Facebook, Whatsapp, Classlist) or a simple leaflet, or a message on a school bulletin board. Alternatively, you can join our Facebook page.

04. Hosting

Hosting Explore and Play means holding a space where children are free to be children and where all the participants feel safe and chilled. Anyone can become a host and everyone can apply. Please get in touch if you want to become an Explore and Play host.

05. Guidelines

When hosting Explore and Play, please refer to the Nature Play guidelines. If possible print the short version and make them available for your participants.

06. Enjoy!

Explore and Play has been created with children in mind but it has been proven to benefit adults too. Enjoy this golden time to rediscover yourself and improve your wellbeing.

Let’s Talk.

If you wish to become an Explore and Play host or wish to receive a support on outdoor learning projects in your local school.