The Biophilia Project was born to encourage outdoor unstructured play and promote a variety of nature-based experiences.
Created with the wellbeing of the children in mind, this project wants to inspire people and help creating opportunities to explore, learn and connect with oneself, nature and others.
What can we do to…

Grow Green Spaces

  • Turn grey into green – Spot new potential green spaces to use!
  • Plant seeds, grow plants – Resources are all around you.
  • Grow your own food – It’s much simpler than what you think.
  • Support wildlife – Leave that weed in the garden!

Grow Green Souls

  • Be environmental conscious – Promote a green lifestyle.
  • Support and promote outdoor unstructured nature play – Explore and Play!
  • Participate in forest school sessions – Ask to your local school to add it to the curriculum.
  • Explore outdoor learning opportunities – Go out. As simple as that.
  • Take care of green spaces – As above!

Biophilia Project it's an appeal to explore, to be curious, to go beyond.


Biophilia Project is an encouragement to let the world around us enlight our natural inclination to learn.


The Biophilia Project promotes the act of being connected (with onself, nature and others), as a way to understand how we are intertwined in a big natural system.

Why is unstructured outdoor play so important?

Play is a natural built-in process that has served our species for a long time. Through play emerge our educational instincts.

The natural environment for learning, the one where learning really thrive, is a space where individuals have the opportunity to have much free time and space in which to play and explore; (b) can mix freely with others of all ages; (c) have access to culturally relevant tools and equipment and are free to play and explore with those items; (d) are free to express and debate any ideas that they wish to express and debate; (e) are free from bullying (which includes freedom from being ordered around arbitrarily by adults); and (f) have a voice that is heard in the group’s decision-making process. (Peter Gray Ph.D.)

It’s free.

It’s fun.

It’s Biophilia.